[New Product] Air-Cooled Hybrid Rolls: Reduced cooling time of the roll by 85.7% verses ambient air cooling.The air-cooled hybrid design allows for both "roll heating" and "roll cooling" in one roll without the use of water or oil.

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Test Data / Roll size : 250mm OD x 1400mm FL. Rotation speed : 90 rpm. Ambient temperature : 10 ℃. Cooling time tested from 210 ℃ to 50 ℃

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Our fundamental principle of company management is to deliver technological contributions to a technologically-advanced, industrial society by creating better products and by always holding the creative spirit in high regard. It follows that our basic modus operandi is to produce small quantities of a variety of items in direct response to orders.

Our operation comprises made-to-order manufacturing activities tied together by product engineering plans that enable us to conform to individual clients.


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