Air-Cooled Hybrid Rolls

New Product Announcement : "Air-Cooled Hybrid Rolls"
Reduced cooling time of the roll by 85.7% verses ambient air cooling.

Test Data / Roll size : 250mm OD x 1400mm FL
Rotation speed : 90 rpm.
Ambient temperature : 10 ℃
Cooling time tested from 210 ℃ to 50 ℃
Results : Air-cooled hybrid rolls cooled 85.7% faster than allowing the roll to cool at ambient temperature.

The air-cooled hybrid design allows for both "roll heating" and "roll cooling" in one roll without the use of water or oil.
The air-cooled hybrid rolls achieves excellent temperature ramp up time by induction heating while allowing for temperature reduction performance by utilizing blown or vacuumed air. The air-cooled hybrid rolls is an excellent choice for high-variety, low-volume manufacturing where frequent temperature setting changes are required for grade changes, material changes or for cleaning the roll surface. Decreased time for temperature reduction equals faster startup time which allows for increased production.
The air-cooled hybrid rolls can also be designed for "balanced cooling" whereas the material makes contact with the roll at a higher temperature than the roll surface temperature. The cooling system will activate maintaining the desired roll surface temperature. (temperature control operation).
Oil also uses no water above all, so there is no risk of water leaking.

Some of the benefits of the air-cooled hybrid rolls

  • 85.7 % reduction in cooling time of the roll.
  • No risk of the water or oil leaking.
  • Temperature range from ambient to a maximum of 400°C.
  • Roll surface temperature remains uniform.
  • Excellent temperature control.
  • Balanced cooling operation available.

Main applications

  • Plastic film stretching
  • Annealing
  • Multi-product laminates, etc.

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