Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

Everyone does their job by the rules, always improving and with tireless ingenuity, to help Tokuden dispatch excellent products throughout the world.

Environmental Policies

Basic Philosophies

We place the utmost emphasis on environmental issues and, with the understanding that conservation activities are vital for the lasting growth of Tokuden, provide an active environment in order to cultivate and develop our employees. We strive to use these activities to endow our employees with advanced skills and knowledge. We aim to engage in business activities that enhance our reliability with clients and with society and improve the value of the company.

Environmental Policies

We contribute to the environment by continuing to develop, manufacture and sell unique, quality products that satisfy our clients' demands (Induction Heated Jacket Rolls, Hybrid Rolls, UPSS Superheated Steam Generator, and stationary induction equipment). However, the waste we create and the energy we consume in order to produce these products places a burden on the environment.
We recognize the importance of environmental activities and summon all available resources to lessen our load on the environment and engage in conservation activities.

Action Guideline

We will do our best to:

  1. use our ingenuity and creativity to develop and manufacture products that conserve energy and resources without ceasing to engineer and manufacture as we always do.
  2. cultivate our invaluable human resources in order to forge ahead with product development and manufacturing.
  3. identify areas where our manufacturing activities are a load on the environment and reduce that load.
    1. undertake rational engineering in every product development area while eliminating all flaws, in procuring raw materials, in reducing consumption and waste materials, and in conserving energy.
    2. support conservation activities throughout the entire company, employees' voluntary participation in activities to improve the regional environment, and to contribute to society.
    3. conserve energy and resources.
  4. identify and achieve voluntary goals and objectives so that we are in compliance with environmental laws.
  5. inform all individuals concerned with environmental activities in our company of our environmental efforts, and improve our communication with society.
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