Philosophy: Respecting a creative spirit, improved products will contribute to society.

The spirit of creativity

Being creative is a positive attitude toward becoming better. Rather than being content with the current situation, our aim is to aggressively change the situation for the better. Creativity means making something unique from one’s own imagination as opposed to simply copying or imitating something else.

One dictionary defines creativity as an activity inherent to life, in which life, driven by instincts, rejects immobilization and spatialization and pursues ceaseless development. It says the life will essentially try to integrate true recognition, ethical good and aesthetic beauty to produce an ideal condition.

Therefore, ever aware that we should have a good and innocent mind that is able to sense the truth, goodness and beauty of things, we should correctly reflect on ourselves and learn from our surroundings, and exert the creative spirit. Under this philosophy, we will continue our efforts to materialize beauty through our products.

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