Makino Plant Technical Center

The Makino Plant Technical Center greets visitors from home and abroad and allows them to observe actual finished products.

The Makino Plant Technical Center on the premises of the Makino Plant is a dedicated test and demonstration facility for various roll products.

If you have a sample, we can provide you with a demonstration to experience the latest roll technology. In addition, by employing test calender equipment, we can conduct various tests and sample production under different conditions. Moreover, the facility offers not only roll technology, but also many other new equipment and production technologies.

The Technical Center is a place for technical exchanges between customers and us. By conducting research and experimentation in joint product development with customers, we can design and develop the best system for our customers.

Pilot Calender

Testing on six different types of rolls,
including low-temperature,
high-temperature, and elastic rolls

Our test machine is equipped with six different types of rolls to allow testing under multiple conditions at the same time and without requiring roll changes. We can conduct thermal processing tests with actual webs (paper, film, nonwoven fabrics) yielding data which can help you develop products or improve operations. Our test equipment also gives you a first-hand look at the outstanding performance of Tokuden Jacket Rolls.

Roll Dimensions Φ350×600L
Roll Temperature Two 400℃ Rolls, Two 280℃ Rolls
Web Width 400mm
Calender Pressure Max 16 tons
Web Speed Max 360 meters/minute
Other Includes elastic roll, winding, unwinding devices

Exhibits List

High-Precision Fluid Circulation Jacket Roll (in constant temperature environment)

  • Roll Dimensions:Φ250×1540L
  • Temperature:20℃ to 50℃
  • Mechanical Accuracy:1μm
  • Application:Coater

High-Precision Induction-Heated Jacket Roll (in constant temperature environment)

  • Roll Dimensions:Φ250×1000L
  • Temperature:100℃ to 200℃
  • Mechanical Accuracy:3μm
  • Application:Film stretching and numerous other applications

High-Precision Fluid Circulation Jacket Roll

  • Roll Dimensions:Φ425×450L
  • Temperature:Room temperature to 120℃
  • Mechanical Accuracy:1μm
  • Application:Battery electrode calendering

High-Temperature Induction-Heated Roll

  • Roll Dimensions:Φ400×900L
  • Temperature:700℃
  • Application: Thermal Processing of Metallic Foil, etc.

Client Comments

  • During new product development testing, we were able to freely adjust the temperature on Tokuden's Pilot Calender and quickly find optimal conditions. This helped us develop new products more quickly.
  • Tokuden is the only place in the world where you will find devices that can do testing at uniform, high temperatures such as 400℃.
  • With the incorporation of new equipment comes a lot of anxiety on many fronts. We were able to cast aside that anxiety with the Tokuden Pilot Calender since we tested and confirmed the finished product that we had envisioned beforehand.
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