Converting Rolls

Combining different materials to create new materials

Composite materials and adhesives used in dry and solventless lamination require very precise temperature control. Jacket Rolls maintain high-precision surface temperature uniformity in 1℃ increments across a wide range of temperatures, enabling full control when combining such diverse materials as polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic films, aluminum foil, paper and iron sheets to produce a variety of composite materials.

Main applications

  • Flat-Screen TVs and Other Displays (LCD/PDP)
  • Snack/Cup Noodle Containers
  • Retort Pouches and Other Food Packaging
  • Electronic Parts Materials(Printed Circuit Boards/Leadframes)
  • Plastic Greenhouses and Other Agricultural/Industrial Materials
  • Beer/Soft Drink Cans
  • Washing Machines/Refrigerators
  • Automobile Interior Materials
  • Other Packaging Materials

Types of Induction Heated Jacket Rolls

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