Rolls for Non-woven Calender

Flexible control of base material texture

Jacket Rolls are fulfilling impressive functions in the thermal processing of plastic films and magnetic tape as well as in disposable diapers, automobile interior materials and nonwoven fabrics, whose uses have grown rapidly in recent years. Our rolls can also be used to heat-seal synthetic fiber webs (a clump of fibers oriented in one direction in sheet form, or MDO) at regular intervals to produce materials featuring the uniform strength found in fabrics and a variety of textures suited to different uses.

Main applications

  • Nonwoven Fabrics in Disposable Diapers
  • Nonwoven Fabrics in Car Seats
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Fabrics
  • PVC Sheet
  • Nonwoven Fabrics for Other Uses

Types of Induction Heated Jacket Rolls

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