Advanced High-Precision Induction Heated Jacket Rolls

Precision manufacturing in high-temperature, clean room environments
The 250℃ roll surface temperature can deliver temperature uniformity to within 0.5℃

Tokuden's Advanced High-Precision Induction Heated Jacket Roll enables precise operation in high-temperature, clean room environments, where incorporation of oil-heated rolls has proven difficult. In 250℃ conditions, the High-Precision IHJR's cylindricity and roundness are accurate within 0.003 millimeters, and its cylindricity, roundness and TIR at room temperature are a remarkably precise 0.002 millimeters. Such mechanical precision prevents minute deformations with calenders or during coating. We have succeeded in attaining temperature distribution precision to within 0.5℃ when the roll surface temperature is 250℃. Electrical controls that are safe, clean and contain no flammable materials allow for the superior processing of optical film and food packaging materials that require micron-level precision. Furthermore, no ductwork or peripheral equipment is necessary, minimizing the necessary footprint in your workplace.

Main applications

  • Prepreg coater
  • Lithium battery electrode coater

Types of Induction Heated Jacket Rolls

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